The GIGLIO MARINO project was born in the Tuscany region and precisely on the Isola del Giglio, a small island forming part of the Tuscan Archipelago which, like its other sisters, has purely Mediterranean vegetation rich in important phytotherapeutic active ingredients. There are Cistus, Lentisk, Myrtle and Heather, Rosemary and many others, but above all one of the plants of excellence for multiple healing properties, such as HELICHRYSUM.

The leaves and flowers of Helichrysum contain a phyto complex composed of exceptional substances with healing properties. Already known in Roman times with the name Immortelle, it brings with it a legend: It is in fact told of a beautiful nymph who, madly in love with a God but unrequited, let herself die from her pain. Before dying, the Gods, moved by pity, transformed her into the Helichrysum plant. Immortelle is indeed a golden, golden plant: its flower heads represent the young woman's hair.